How to blacken ther marking on a ruler?
I got a small ruler which I like and want use it. Here it is.

[Image: ruler.jpg]

As you can see the ruler has a low contrast and not that easy to use. I want to blacken etched marking on the rule. Anybody care to advise how to do it and what to use, if it possible at all?
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Try shoe polish first, if the etch is deep enough it works well. Otherwise you need to use enamel paint; paint the whole ruler and wipe it off with a rag on a block of wood. It will leave the enamel in the etch and remove the rest.
Paint or paint pen and wipe off the excess. Do it to your sockets and wrenches as well.
I was at a display of inlayed guitars at the MIM in Phoenix ( Check it out if you want to see some $300K+ guitars).  One item that caught my eye (that I thought I could afford) was a marker they used to highlight etching on some of the inlay pieces.  It was a Markal B Paintstik.  Thought I'd like to try one for the same purpose you're proposing.  MSC has them for about $1.50 each, but I imagine a minimum order is going to mess that up.  Amazon has them, but in packs of 10.

I have used a sharpie- smear it on, wipe it off. Do a small test first.

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Maybe a gun blacking touch-up pen.   

gun black pen
thank you for suggestions.
I tried regular black sharpie, does not work well, quickly return to original condition due to handling.
Yesterday I was in Homedepot and bought Sharpie oil based paint pen. Did not work either. The paint does not adhere well to the ruler besides it is brittle and when I tried clean around etching whole thing just went off.
I'd just use a black crayon and re-apply as required.
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Put black ink over the whole thing and then lightly sand it down.  The black ink will stay in the shallow areas and you will have a great ruler again
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