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  Re: Dust Collection by bmich (I know this subject ...)
I switched from a 2 hp single bag to shop fox 3 hp cyclone. There really isn't a comparison in performance. At the time the shop fox was on clearance for $1150 with pickup made in the sales tax free state of NH. The shop fox is no long made, but the grizzly G0441 is almost identical except that the grizzly has 4 straight legs instead of the SF legs that angle out at the bottom.

My 2nd choice at the time was made in the USA Clear Vue, but the clearance price on the SF was to good to pass up at about $550 less than the clear vue was at the time.
If I was buying now, I would go with the clear vue as it is about even in cost with the Grizzly G0441

If you want something made in the USA, Oneida is another option.

I prefer metal snaplock duct rather than PVC plastic. Metal doesn't have static electricity. The fittings are much cheaper than in plastic. Metal is readily available compared to plastic, especially in larger diameters. A metal saddle wye can be attached to existing steel ductwork to add to a system.

I no longer use any plastic blast gates. I use aluminum for all 4" sizes and homemade Wood, MDF, and hardboard for 6".

An enclosure for the cyclone makes for a much quieter shop. I reduced the sound level by 9db.
An electric eye style warning for a full dust bin is almost a necessity if the cyclone is in an enclosed area.
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