Lathe Dust Hood
A simple dust collection hood for my mini lathe.

I was looking for a method to support the dust hood and came across a heavy duty gooseneck from SnakeClamp Products. I ordered an 18" version along with a companion 12" rigid extension. The two pieces securely support the dust hood and can be adjusted for easy positioning of the hood. The rigid extension is held by a simple two piece wooden block. The upper section has a split colllar and the lower section is clamped to the lathe tool stand.

The 4" dust collection hose needed extra support so I set in on a Ridgid folding stand from Home Depot. The hose is secured to the stand with a high tech clamp made from strips of an old T-shirt.

A piece of acrylic is attached to the bottom lip of the plastic dust hood which aids in directing chips into the hose.

Thanks for looking.


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Looks great, good idea with the folding stand too, those are pretty sturdy.
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It sure looks like it is a great set up for your lathe.

How do you like PSI's new sand paper holder?  It looks convenient. Yes Yes
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