Arts and Crafts style lamps
Always wanted to make some Arts and Crafts lamps but never got around to it. Then finally during this flu crisis I did. I did a table lamp first. I designed it with the influence of several different lamps I saw. White oak, mica shade.

I was pretty proud of that so I designed a floor lamp to go with it. QSWO with mica shade. The legs are glue-ups so the QSWO shows on all sides. One leg is hollow to allow the cord to pass through. 

Surprisingly, these did not take very long to make. The lamp portions are made using a template to position the lattice work properly and that helped immensely. Both shades are the same size and again a template was used to make the sides. Aniline dyes with spray satin poly.
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Both are beautiful!!

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Really nice work!!!!
Where did you buy the mica?
Beautiful lamps. Where did you buy the mica?
I've always liked that style and your execution is beautiful.

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(07-03-2020, 04:20 PM)RogerD Wrote: Beautiful lamps.  Where did you buy the mica?

I bought the mica sheets from Asheville Mica. Couple of sizes and finishes available. I was very careful in the layout and when I finished I had just a little left.
Was living the good retired life on the Lake. Now just living retired.
Very well done; I too have been meaning to make some similar.

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Nicely done. I like the design and execution. These are a bucket list item for me.
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Very nice. They are on my to do list. QSWO is my favorite wood. Did you do lock miters on the legs?
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