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  Re: Dust Collector by Mike 55 (Hi, I have a gara...)
"Another trick I found when replacing the clear bag was to hold it in place with duct tape then fasten the clamp, takes one less hand that way. I also lined the clamp's mating surface with adhesive back felt weather stripping. I think the seal is better that way. "

My old Grizzly collector like that had some metal hooks to hold the bag in place while clamping. It was a nice minor feature.

I did the same thing with the sealing surface. It really helped reduce any dust blown. I would recommend it to anyone who has that style.
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  Re: Dust Collector by Mike 55 (Hi, I have a gara...)
(08-22-2020, 09:02 AM)Mike 55 Wrote: Hi,

I have a garage shop now. Before I moved to our retirement home I had a Oneida Dust Gorilla that was piped throughout my shop. That system really sucked. LOL

That would not fit into a small 2 car garage. I have a dust deputy rigged to a Rigid vacuum and it does a good job on small tools but it can't do the job on my tablesaw and 13" planer. I looked at the Grizzly 1 and 1/2 HP units. It's small enough and would fit but in my first shop I had a similar unit and emptying that bag was a pain. I don't see where you can replace it with a barrel like on a Oneida.

What do you garage shop guys have? I need it portable and about the the size of the units above 22 X 33 and 115v. 



I have a slightly oversize (one bay is 8ft longer) 2 car garage. I have 1 1 1/2 HP Steel City dust collector. I have the Rockler 4" expandable hose. It is positioned to reach the table saw, radial arm saw, 12" belt/disk sander, and router table. The jointer, band saw, and planer are mobile and move easily into position when needed. Smaller tools hook up to a shop vac. With many of the tools on wheels, I have been able to put my car in the garage every night for the past 15 years. 

The Rockler hose made a big difference because it collapses and is out of the way when not in use.

See ya later,

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