Small parts hvllp spray gun
I was looking at adding a smaller sprayer to my fuji mini mite 4 turbine. I see fuji makes a touch up gun but wanted to know if there were other recommendations or has any one tried the fuji. I need the sprayer to work with a turbine not a compressor setup. Thank you.
  Re: Small parts hvllp spray gun by mike9 (I was looking at add...)
Paasche makes an airbrush for HVLP sprayers.  I have not used it though.  Paasche is probably the biggest name in the airbrush industry.

The only small parts I spray are screw heads.  For that I get a sheet of corrugated cardboard and I poke holes in the cardboard and screw the screws into the sheet of cardboard leaving about 1/8" space between the head and the cardboard.

Then I spray the sheet and all the heads get painted at one time.  I leave them in the cardboard until I am ready to drive the screws in.
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  Re: Small parts hvllp spray gun by mike9 (I was looking at add...)
Thank you for the reply.  I will have to check them out. I don't need to spray anything that small lol. I am looking to spray 3D printed parts.

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