A Rebuild Project?
A while back, I picked a cutting gauge at an Antique Mall....$4....Was a bit on the worn side..
Lets see...end with the knife and wedge has split.....thumbscrew was stripped out, barely holding on.....and the head has a crack in it..

I do have some Ash stock for a new arm.....I went to Lowes this evening, bought a threaded insert and a new thumbscrew to match...

May try to glue the crack back together...not really wanting to make a new head...then, install the threaded insert, and the new thumbscrew.

Question being how long to make the new arm?    I was thinking about MAYBE 12"?  

I can chop out the mortise for the wedge and knife....maybe sharpen the knife?

Stay tuned....
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that
Last night..repaired the split head..
Bought the brass insert, and got it install this morning..
Made sure the new thumbscrew was long enough..

These are the "old" parts..
I did keep the wedge...the thumbscrew was too short to work any more...cutter needed replaced
Squared up a 12" long piece of Ash scrap...and checked for fit..
Slides easy enough, no binding...

Needed a mortise chopped...straight wall for the cutter, angled wall for the wedge..
Slide the bar into the head...
I think that will do just fine...Total cost?    Just under $7 , for the gauge and the new parts...New cutter was a reground Xacto blade..
Show me a picture, I'll build a project from that

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