Vintage Dewalt RAS table brackets
(05-15-2024, 06:07 AM)fredhargis Wrote: The brackets do not nee to be an iron bar under the table. If you look at the ones they put on a subsequent model (the 925) they are little more than a piece of angle side bolts the frame, the other to the table. Here's set of 925 brackets on e bay (this if for illustration, not suggesting you buy them...though i guess you could if you wanted to). Having had both saws (9265 and an MBF) I can tell you the 925 brackets work just as well and they are actually a little easier to djet to get the table tuned.

Those bars are a pain in the...  Drill two holes on the side of the frame and two corresponding holes on the angle iron.  
If your Mr Sawdust table is flat you can do all the leveling before attaching the table.
I'm going to try and make some out of angle iron. Thanks for all of the help
I sold my saw and might have the brackets, remember running into them when moving.  Don't remember if I kept them or not but I'll look when I go up to the garage.
(05-16-2024, 05:30 PM)ahartung Wrote: I'm going to try and make some out of angle iron. Thanks for all of the help

If you can find some of the perfed angle you might save yourself some headache. If not, remember those are slots on the frame side to allow adjustment.
I started with absolutely nothing. Now, thanks to years of hard work, careful planning, and perseverance, I find I still have most of it left.
Put some wood on all the frames and fasten them down with screws. Make sure the heads of the screws are well below the surface. Put on a stack of Dato cutters and surface all the wood that is mounted to the frame by pulling the cutter and rotating it on the arm.. Then you can put on any top you wish and it will always be parallel to the bottom of the saw blade.    No hardware needed. I put the fence back as far as I can and stillcut off a 1 inch piece of wood. That way I have max. cut off capacity in i inch or under. . If I need to cut lets say a 2 by 4 then I shim the wood out.
I went over to and searched:  DeWalt MBF
Got 164 pages of post concerning the MBF.  Might be a lead there for you.

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