Small hand plane
(11-30-2021, 09:46 AM)stav Wrote: Good luck with your sale.  I suspect it is in that pre-close state where everyone is setting up their snipes so they can get it.  

I have a #2 in the same boat, although I bought mine that way and didn't discover it until I was cleaning it.  I had been brazed so it is still functional.

I see no reason not to nickel weld or braze a plane with that sort of damage back together.
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(12-18-2021, 04:04 PM)TGW Wrote: I see no reason not to nickel weld or braze a plane with that sort of damage back together.

I had a Stanley block plane that I kept in my toolbox at work. I reached for it one day and found some person swiched my plane for a broken and brazed similar plane. The plane was crap as the braze job left the sole crooked. There were 11 other carpenters on this job besides myself.
I knew my plane was stolen from one of them and I knew how to find out. I had a etched mark on the iron that looked like a lightning bolt. Been that way since I inherited years before. At lunch I showed the brazed plane to the crew and asked if someone had inadvertenly switched planes.
No answer, I told the crew I was going to check each tool box for my plane and I will beat the @#$%^^ out of the thief.
One carpenter objected to my inspection of his tool box. The rest did not object. I found my plane, I placed the broken plane in the thiefs face.
I was fired. Went back to work across the road the next day.
#27 are a M......

There is/was a site called Chisel & Forge.   Dave shows a video of how he repaired a cracked Mills Falls No. 14....mine.  Might be work looking up.   Still have the M-F No. 14, and it still works like new....
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(11-25-2021, 05:58 PM)RBohn Wrote: Just dropped my Stanley #2 plane and the sole cracked at the mouth. No problem, I thought. Actually a big problem for me. Vintage #2 planes have skyrocketed sine I paid $80 for mine a few decades ago. Does anyone one currently make a #2? I can't find one.

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My take on it....
I would repair that plane if it were mine by stripping down to the bare casting, clean it brightly then clamp it to a piece of angle iron to tightly close up the crack...use shims if necessary....Preheat the casting in a charcoal bed and flux and silver solder it.. But before applying flux, I would use an ordinary lead pencil and trace a line of graphite close to each outside edge of the crack. This will stop the solder from flowing where it is not wanted. It will NOT flow across the leaded line.. A mapp torch should be hot enough to get the iron red in color, at which time a small amount of the solder is to be applied...Silver solder has a very high tensile strength and it will penetrate DEEPLY INTO the hot, open spaces {pores} of the cast iron..much stronger than manganese brazing rod which essentially just lays on the iron surface..Allow the plane body to rest in the charcoal until it burns itself out. Done properly, this repair will be nearly invisible. and I could do it in a charcoal grill..

I did my apprenticeship in a machine shop that specialized in machining and welding repairs such as this, and followed this line of work in a supervisory capacity for nearly forty years. I still love it!!!!
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