turnin' tiny . . . well, small at least (new one!)
(04-05-2023, 01:48 PM)Arlin Eastman Wrote: They look good.

I think it was Sir Chiz who did miniature way back and he did a fantastic job in his miniatures.

thanks!  yep, that was chiz . . . had some amazing tiny stuff.  
Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
(04-11-2023, 11:08 AM)Cian Wrote: Very cool. Thanks for sharing.

sharing is caring!  
Big Grin

still working on the cake stand, slowly but surely.  it'll be 2 pieces with a lazy susan in between.  interesting process i'm finding for this one, but it's getting there.  i used the (pretty crappy) "sandeply" from HD for the solid areas i need, which is working out pretty good.  stuff won't hold a screw, but i'm through-bolting everything, so it's pretty good.  i'm working on hiding the hardware for the lazy susan with about a 1/16" gap between the top and bottom pieces.  decent amount of trial and error to get exactly what i'm picturing, but it's getting there.  
Dang, Arthro

First time ever seeing any of your work.
Post more.

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(04-16-2023, 03:56 PM)Gary G™ Wrote: Dang, Arthro

First time ever seeing any of your work.
Post more.

will do . . . if i remember to take pics!  
Phil Manzi (Chiz) was the master of tiny.

He used to like to hand you a tiny lidded vessel, about the size of the pad of your thumb.  You'd pop off the friction fit lid, and there'd be another turning inside it - a miniature goblet, still with beads and coves scaled to fit....

Miss him a lot.  I still have some of his work, along with some tools and books he gave me when he had to sell his shop.
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