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  Hey tim_t
Posted by: sniper - 4 hours ago - Forum: Woodturning - No Replies

Turn on you PM's

and yes, I've still got the lathe.

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Question Full mortise vs half mortise lock?
Posted by: ®smpr_fi_mac® - 8 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (2)

I'm hunting for a lock for a small jewelry box and see the terms "full mortise" and "half mortise".

Can you guys explain to me the difference?  I can't find an explanation.

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  What's eating my floor?
Posted by: WoodCzech - 8 hours ago - Forum: Home Improvement - Replies (4)

We have a floor made out of 150yr old pine taken from a teardown house.  It has been fine for about 8 years and suddenly we find this.  Looks like about a 1/8" hole with dust around.  Any idea what kind of a bug could have done it and how to kill it?


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  My new deck is out of square
Posted by: FS7 - 9 hours ago - Forum: Home Improvement - Replies (9)

Sigh. I just build a 12'x40' deck, mostly ground-level (from ground level to about 16" above, actually, corner to corner). I did this because I like wood and both pavers and concrete were much more expensive and more work. I had a ground-level deck at my old place that lasted 20+ years (still going strong) despite having little airflow so I have no concerns in that regard. Many people tried to talk me out of it.

The home's foundation isn't a smooth surface (stamped brick-type concrete) so it wasn't the most ideal reference point. I used plumb bobs from my existing second-story deck (12'x20') to mark reference points, put in stakes, and then used those along with the house as a reference point to extend the other 20 feet. I checked for square along the way, but what I ended up with is a parallelogram with 89 and 91 degree angles. Corner to corner the difference is about 5 inches, which is pretty minor, but the 1 degree difference works out to about 4 inches over the 12 feet of decking. Since it's a flush beam design and I couldn't put footers right next to the house, I decided to have the boards perpendicular to the house with the joists parallel. Now I have to cut a one degree miter in the end of every board. 

It's not like it will ever be noticeable, but it is a pain. Why oh why did I ever assume that existing things were square? It's my own fault, I know, and in retrospect I could've planned for closer joist spacing to allow for 45 degree deck boards to hide the problem.

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  Request PM when read not working
Posted by: Herb G - Today, 06:46 AM - Forum: Software Update Complete - No Replies

Just like it says. When you request a message when your PM is read isn't working.

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  FS: Hegner Multimax 14-E Scroll Saw
Posted by: SteveF - Today, 06:11 AM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

Nice scroll saw, made in 2012. Not much for apologies on this one, couple paint chips and a scuff on one edge of the table. The original owner has been gone for at least a year, so this hasn't seen many years of use. 

$375 plus shipping

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  Sizing a backup generator? Install costs?
Posted by: Phil Thien - Yesterday, 10:54 PM - Forum: Home Improvement - Replies (9)

I shifted to working from home end of April of this year.

Since then, we've had two blackouts. Basically, it rains kinda hard. As soon as rain moves out, power goes with it.

I have battery backups on important stuff, and this time power was only out about 30-45 minutes. But last time it was several hours.

I have a small lot and never thought I had room for a backup generator, but recently saw some compact, air-cool Rheem models, like this one:


I have a small house with a 2-ton central A/C (on 20-amp breaker). Would also like to power furnace (for the blower to make A/C work, and of course if it is winter, I'd like heat), fairly typical refrigerator, and maybe several hundred watts of computer gear. Anything else can go dark. I don't care about the washing machine or dryer or even the range or microwave.

That page I linked said the generator can power TWO 4-ton A/C units. I'm a bit surprised by that because A/C can draw quite a bit at startup.

Do generators handle that okay?

Think I could accomplish what I'd like with 10 KW?

Any estimates of installation costs? I'd need a transfer switch, right? Any pitfalls to be concerned with?

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  Piston-fit Drawer Question
Posted by: Joel H. - Yesterday, 09:48 PM - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (8)

Hi all, I'm building a George III 9-drawer dresser.  Here's a pic of it:

Here's where I am so far:

The lower three drawers will have Blum under mount slides, but the top three drawers - because they are only 3 1/2" high - will not use slides.  My question is, how close to the actual width do you build the drawers for a good fit?  The openings are 25" wide on the outside and 17" on the middle drawer.


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  WTB: No. 4, No. 5, No. 7 Planes, Router Plane Veritas or LN, LN LA rabbet block plane
Posted by: Chris Watson - Yesterday, 08:43 PM - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - Replies (4)

Evening everyone!

I am looking to buy the above tools with the following notes:

I would like the No. 7 to have an incredibly flat sole, preferably LN or Veritas.
The No. 4 and No. 5 planes if they are Stanley be pre WWII and obviously in the best shape possible given the age.
The router plane I would like to be closed throat.
LA means low angle on the rabbet block plane, LN preferred. 

Thank you for your time!


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  Refinishing Teak Table
Posted by: Israel - Yesterday, 04:23 PM - Forum: Finishing - No Replies

We have a solid teak dining table...about 40 years old.  Beautiful solid wood about 1-3/4 inch thick.  Not sure what the finish is, but certainly can see the grain quite clearly.  Also have two "leafs" that are teak veneer- don't know how thick the veneer is.  I can sand easily enough, but not sure what finish to use...  ? Teak Oil ...and if so, how many coats and how long in between...and do I sand or steel wool in between coats?  Also not sure if I can sand the veneer...not knowing how thick it is.  The goal would be to show off the wood while also adding some degree of protection.
Any advice on how to approach this would be much appreciated!

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