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  Jointing technique help
Posted by: Martin S. - 6 minutes ago - Forum: Woodworking - No Replies

OK, it has been a long time since I used a power jointer.

I finally got dust collection hooked up, so I have started trying to do some woodworking when I am home.

I am building a roubo bench.  I am working on the legs.  The jointer has been tuned to factory settings by a factory representative.

I know that you start holding the wood at the infeed end, then as it passes over the blades, you transfer your hold to pressing down the wood on the outfeed side, just past the blades.

Here is the problem I keep having.  Instead of a straight line, I get a "u" shape, in other words, a slight crown in the middle of the jointed edge.

Or, I get one end that is up "off the table".  If I hold a straight edge to the board, the outfeed end will have maybe 5-10 thousands of a gap.  I am guessing, as I don't have a feeler gauge, but I am going to buy one.

It seems like the tail end of the board is "off the table".

So what am I doing wrong?  I have jointed wood before, and don't remember having this problem.

I have watched some videos, but can't seem to identify what I am doing wrong.

I am open to your suggestions for improvement.

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  FS-Dewalt 5"ROS/Biscuit Joiner Combo.
Posted by: bobburk - 1 hour ago - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

For sale is a like new, hardly used Dewalt 5" ROS / Biscuit Joiner Combo. The biscuit joiner I only tested a couple of times. Also includes 2ea. new boxes of biscuits (size 0 & 10-not pictured) and operators manuals.  Asking $180.  Prefer local pickup due to weight and size could be expensive to ship.

Thanks for looking,

Attached Files
.jpg   DSCN1204.JPG (Size: 129.85 KB / Downloads: 17)
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Big Grin ECE plane
Posted by: 05 mustang - 2 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (3)

I picked up an ECE rabbet plane today, it didn't have the blade.
Any sorces for the blade?

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  Circle saw ripping video
Posted by: DaveLeard - 3 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking Power Tools - No Replies

Somewhere I saw a video where a guy was ripping with a handheld circular saw. I think he had a standard ripping guide on the saw but what was most interesting, was the fixture that held the board. It was a homemade sawhorse-like affair that held the board cantilevered. You could slip a board into this fixture in almost no time at all and be ready to rip with a completely unobstructed path for the saw and the operator. Anybody ever see this? Is it still on the Internet?

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  Final Lie Nielsen sacrafice of the day
Posted by: joemac - 3 hours ago - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

In my desire to own one of each of Thomas Lie Nielsen's magnificent planes, I bought a bronze #1.  The #1 in a Stanley fetches hundreds of times the cost of other planes because of it's scarcity.  That was my hope when I bought this incredibly beautiful tool.  It was bought, opened and admired then waxed. It has never seen wood and is flawless.

I will accept $180 plus shipping.  PayPal is F&F

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  Lie Nielsen 140
Posted by: joemac - 3 hours ago - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

I have a Lie Nielsen Bronze left handed 140 skew block plane for sale.  It is a tool I purchased when I dreamed of collecting Lie Nielsen planes.  It was opened and looked at, covered in Renaissance  Wax and put away.  It is as new.

Another superb offering at 80% of new, I want $180. Plus shipping.  If you use PayPal, F&F

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  Lie Nielsen 60 1/2 Rabbet Block PLane
Posted by: joemac - 3 hours ago - Forum: Tool Swap N' Sell - No Replies

I have a Lie Nielsen 60 1/2 nickered rabbet block plane for sale.  This is another of my purchase in order to fill out a collection.  Because of this, it saw no use.

I will take $140 plus shipping

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  Need help identifying the weird grind on this drill bit
Posted by: Eurekan - 4 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking Hand Tools - Replies (3)

I bought several surplus industrial tools. In the lot was an oddly ground drill bit. Seems this is deliberate but I can find no reference anywhere to this kind of grind. Does anybody recognize it? It sort of like a Forstner bit for metal.  It is a 1/4" drill bit so it was hard to get a good picture. Any ideas?

[Image: 30389151601_7282a2beda.jpg]

[Image: 30358730712_4db7344671.jpg]

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  Staked table out of tree slice?
Posted by: overland - 7 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (6)

Last spring a crew cut down a big ash on city property near my house. I didn't have any way to get the log milled or to store the wood even if I did, but I did ask the crew to cut me a few slices from the trunk, which they did. The largest is about 4 inches thick and 30 inches in diameter. I thought I might try making a 3-legged staked table out of it. (A coffee table is one possibility, but I'm thinking of something 28-30 inches high.)  I know the top will crack as it dries, but will that really matter? I don't see that it will, unless it cracks where I bore the mortises for the legs or in a way that it simply falls apart.  Maybe there's a way to prevent that. In any case, is this a dumb idea? And if it does succeed, how will it look? Should I leave the top 4 inches thick or cut it thinner? Are three legs a good idea or not? Any suggestions or comments would  be appreciated.

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  self-adhesive velvet -- in bulk?
Posted by: jihhwood - 7 hours ago - Forum: Woodworking - Replies (4)

I'm working on several jewelry boxes for gifts.   I use adhesive-backed velvet -- usually black in color -- to cover the 1/4" ply box bottom.  When I last made a few of these, I was able to find large sheets of adhesive-backed velvet at an affordable price.  (Rocker carries it, but at a ridiculous price.  An on-line search hasn't been very helpful -- again very high prices for single sheets of a fixed measure.)  Do you know of a source for this product?  Since I use it pretty freely, buying in bulk would be fine with me.  Thanks!

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